Friday, July 30, 2010

It's been a long time since I've updated my blog, so there's probably 3 pages of posts to look through. I wanted to post all the fun things we've been doing this summer. It will probably be a long time until I post again so I hope you enjoy! We would also like to let all our Fort Bingham/Harrisville 8th Ward friends know that we have enjoyed every minute we've lived here and will miss them all so much! Ofcourse we will visit though:) We're off to our new adventure in life and I'll try to keep you posted!

summer things

tea parties
my girlie tomboy

lots of wet and wild fun!

Mendon Days (24th of July)

they love my sisters kitty FLUFFY

They had a great time! We are excited to be moving to such a cute little town!

Lyndee's 2nd Birthday!

Chance had to take all the tails and put them where they belonged!
She loves horses so she had a My Little Pony party

Cake and Presents!

Aw! see, she loves horses :)


We had a campout in the backyard, it was fun...even the neighbors camped out! (in their houses right next door);)

mmm.. my yummy cake! Thanks Ash!

oh yea, and my yummy cupcakes! Thanks Steph!

We went camping with Grandma & Papa

wachin' a movie

Chance was beating up Chip and Dale because that's what they do in their movies. LOL

havin' the time of her life